Laminate and wood flooring

Forget the stuff you’ve seen in the DIY stores and the builder’s merchants – everything you see from now on is the real deal.


Lamin8 Rustic Walnut

Lamin8 Rustic Walnut

Far from the permanently-on-sale stock you see in many shops, our range is built to last. We also supply door bars, beading and even skirting boards to match the laminate too, so the finish will be fantastic whether you choose us for the installation or do it yourself.

Laminate is great if you want a low-maintenance floor which looks the bee’s knees without breaking the bank. And you’re not stuck with planks, either – we have tile- or even concrete-effect boards for those who love ceramics but not the cold touch.

Engineered wood flooring

Chepstow Oak Russet Aged wood flooring

Chepstow Oak Russet Aged

From here on, we’re talking about real wood. Engineered boards have a 3-4mm veneer of wood on top of plywood. This makes the board more stable and is required if you’re looking at installing an underfloor heating system. Because less wood is used overall, this makes an engineered floor generally cheaper to buy than other types of board. Oak is the most popular species, but walnut, merbau, maple and many more are also available.

Multilayer wood flooring

Harlech Magnum Oak Rustic multilayer wood flooring

Harlech Magnum Oak Rustic

Multilayered boards are one step up from engineered woods. They generally have a thicker wear layer (veneer) of up to 6mm, and the plywood base is also thicker. These boards are often wider (up to 210mm) and most are also load-bearing. This is great for renovations as it can be pinned directly to joists, removing the need for costly new floor boards.

Solid wood flooring

York Oak Rustic solid wood flooring

York Oak Rustic

This is the premium end of our wood range. Solid boards are the widest (in some cases up to 300mm) and are either pinned to wooden joists or stuck on to solid floors. Many of our solid products are left unfinished, so can be stained or treated with oil or lacquer to get exactly the finish you require.

Special offers

The wholesale wood flooring market is always changing, and if you are willing to give a little on the exact specifications of your desired product, we’re almost certain to be able to find you a bargain. By all means have a look at the products here on this site, but the best thing is to call and ask us what’s out there.