Privacy information

About this site

We have crafted this site as a guide to help you choose your new floor. In that respect, yes, we’re trying to sell you something.

The data we collect from you

On this website we use cookies to personalise this site for you and to record usage patterns to help us to design the site better in the future. The only data which personally identify you are what you willingly give to us by asking for samples or by making a purchase from us, whether on our website or in person. As an order progresses this may include addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and even credit or debit card information.

What we do with your data

Quite simply: data that can personally identify you never leaves our system. We do not sell, give away or otherwise pass on your information to third parties with the sole exception of a delivery address to a driver or courier firm should we need to send anything to you.

Data collected by our web server

As you browse our site, our server does collect a little bit of information about you, for example what web browser you use, or which search engine referred you to us. This information is passed to Google Analytics. The only reason we collect this data is to make our web site better for you and to introduce new designs and web technologies as more browsers begin to support them.