New: Sisal Harry 2014

It’s always good to see a range receive new colours – like meeting an old friend who’s lost weight and has splashed out on a fab new wardrobe of clothes.

Harry has been on the scene for as long as any of us here can remember, and it’s always been a firm favourite of ours. It’s one of our most luxurious sisals, and its good looks shine through whether you’ve covered your entire home with it or just ordered a sophisticated little rug for the study.

We love these fresh new colours – they’re going to look fantastic with any combination of finishes and paints, from Calluna to Clunch.

The Great Spring Harry Special Offer

Shameless sales pitch coming up:

The beautiful new Harry colours carry a recommended retail price of £85.00 per square metre. For orders placed between 1st April 2014 and 31st May 2014 inclusive, you can get yourself a full 50% off this price – that’s just £42.50 per square metre. Place your order on 1st June and it’s back to £85.00, so start the ball rolling today by asking for your samples!