Natural flooring

But surely carpets are just wool or synthetic?

Not strictly true. While coconut, cactus and reeds are probably not what you first thought of when considering carpets, but trust us, you’ll love the finished product. Natural flooring refers to a range of plant fibres which are dried and woven into some of the most beautiful and distinctive floors you’ll ever see. Don’t be put off by some of the things you may have heard about natural flooring. Yes, it is hard-wearing. Yes, they can be used on the stairs. No, they’re not impossible to clean.

Types of natural flooring

There are four main fibres which are the base of our range: coir, seagrass, sisal and jute. Each fibre has different characteristics and a natural look all of its own. And although you might at first glance describe the look of natural flooring as rustic, you’d be surprised at the wide variety of homes and workplaces where the natural look is the perfect look.

Some brands you may have seen

We’re proud to say that we deal with the best. Although we buy natural flooring from all over the world, the bulk of our products come from these three lovely companies. If you’ve seen their products featured in magazines or online just contact us and we’ll start looking at samples and prices tout de suite. If you fancy inspiration or just another look at their fab photography, click the logos to go to their websites.