Introducing Fabulous

We love finding out what’s new and hip in flooring – it comes as no surprise that when we saw this range for the first time we were all over it like a rash. Now you have to feel for the guys in Marketing who have to breathe life into dull carpets by giving them exciting names. And yes, we’ve all heard the “fifty shades of beige” joke in this trade – that’s about as exciting as it gets. When you name a range of carpets you can go one of two ways: a simple, anodyne name never got any marketing manager sacked, after all – or you can go for something bold.

The latter option is the more dangerous, of course, because if you’ve set clients up with a name like “Ultimate” or similar, they’re only going to be disappointed if the carpet turns out to be so thin you can read a newspaper through it. Anyone who uses a bold name is sticking their neck on the line. My friend who named this one however, deserves a promotion.

Introducing Fabulous

It’s a little corker, isn’t it?! Like the immediately-memorable wood seal company that advertised a product that “does exactly what it says on the tin”, this carpet really is fabulous. Forget fifty shades of beige, “It’s fabulous/Yes, I know, it’s Fabulous” is a joke no-one’s going to get tired of.

So, the technical stuff. Fabulous is 100% wool, as one would expect of anything that comes from our friends at Crucial Trading. It is perfectly good to seam in wide rooms, but since it’s a 5 metre wide carpet you probably won’t need to have seams at all in most homes. It’s suitable for stairs and other heavy-wear areas, and it looks not just fabulous but absolutely blooming fantastic when it’s made into a rug.

This level of design in carpets has until recently only been available by special import (that comes with a very large price tag, naturally). Fabulous is stocked in the UK, available immediately and all for the very reasonable price of £140 per square metre including VAT. And if you ask us, that’s actually a little bit of a bargain.

Be Fabulous

Even we can’t take photos that do Fabulous justice (but check out the showroom pages in the near future because beautiful new artwork is on its way) – so the best way to see it is either in person in our Weston-super-Mare or Bristol showrooms, or contact us for your free samples today.

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