Interior designers

I see you’re a retailer – so am I. So what’s in it for me?

As a trade client, you will benefit from our generous trade discounts and commission package. Often our prices to you are extremely competitive, even if you have a direct account with a manufacturer. This is because our volume of trade means that we can pass our discounts on to you.

Not only that, but we’re specialists when it comes to installation, too. So if we’re handling your supply and installation and you’re still getting a better deal, why go anywhere else?

Good point. I do commercial as well as domestic work. Can you handle that?

Oh yes. To us the only difference is the product specification you give us. We can do spare bedrooms, boutique refurbs… or entire holiday parks. If you need advice on what to show your client, that’s fine too. Send us the plans, invite us to the site meetings. We’ll take care of the rest.

What about samples I can show my clients?

We can arrange that. Most of our interior designer clients start with the Crucial Trading collection, three easy-to-carry boxes full of both plant fibre and wool carpets. There is no charge for this, all you have to do is ask. For other sample sets – usually high-end rugs, stair runners and bespoke items – there may be a charge. But we guarantee that you will only pay as much as we have to pay the manufacturer for the samples and not a penny more. Most of these will only need one sale to make money back on your investment.

If you just need individual colour samples for your proposals though, they’re always free, just ask.

Sometimes my clients ask me to decorate their holiday homes overseas. Can you do that?

For a price, certainly. Our only additional charges for working abroad are the reasonable costs entailed by us getting people and materials to site; everything else remains the same. Don’t worry about translation, either – we have staff who have a couple of languages under their belt.

Okay, I’m interested. What happens now?

Let’s have a chat and get to know each other; we can discuss relevant samples and prices at the same time. If you’d like a little more information aimed at interior designers first, why not take download our Interior Designer Guide? If you don’t do ebooks, just call or email us and we’ll send you a paper copy.