Feel safe and secure online with us

Your safety and security is something which you would think shouldn’t be an issue in these technologically advanced days. But more and more, scammers, snoopers and spies are only too eager to look over your shoulder and see what you’re doing online. We take the security of our clients’ data – both online and offline – very seriously, so we’ve decided to let you know the steps we take to make your online experience a safe and happy one.

On arrival at www.disney-flooring.com

The first thing that happens on your arrival is that our server tries its best to force your browser to accept a secure connection. Once the connection has been made, the vast majority of visits to our site are secured using the latest technology immediately, for as long as you as on our site. You can check the security settings for the site by looking for the padlock symbol in your browser’s address bar.

We don’t even mind whether you browse our shop or if you don’t buy anything online with us. You have a right to browse our site unobserved by third parties, and we’ll try our best to keep your visit strictly between us.

Making online purchases with us

Because the vast majority of visitors will already be using a secure (SSL) connection with us by the time they begin shopping, your connection remains safe. In the event your browser hasn’t made a secure connection beforehand, once you proceed with an order a secure connection is forced by our server. If a secure connection cannot be made, you will not be able to purchase online with us and we suggest that you place your order with us by telephone (details here).

Once you proceed with a purchase, for your added protection you are referred to the website of our secure payment provider, SagePay. These guys are absolutely huge in payment processing, and have a thoroughly trustworthy reputation. It’s why we chose them as a payment provider above all others. They are the only people who receive your card number – we consider it the most secure way of all to take money from you if we never even see your card details. After your purchase has concluded successfully, you’ll be forwarded back to our site, using the same secure connection you enjoyed previously.

After your purchase

We always look toward the future when practical – so you’ll be pleased to hear that your details are never stored without protection. We never store your card details when you shop online with us (because as explained above, we never even see them). The only details we keep are your name, invoice and delivery addresses, plus any contact details you give us for the purpose of fulfilling your order. The bare minimum of these are copied to your official invoice – which is a separate system covered by just as stringent security protocols as our website.

One last thing – you have a part to play in this, too. Vulnerabilities have been discovered by security professionals in the old ‘SSL’ encryption method. Despite being really, really out of date, some browsers are still happy to connect using SSL. The newer and more secure method is called TLS, and our server will create these more secure connections whenever it can. It’s only as good as your browser, though. The best thing is to keep your browser updated to the latest version, and search for instructions within your browser to force TLS encryption when you visit secured sites.

If you have any queries whatsoever regarding the security of your online shopping experience with us, you can call us during normal working hours on 01934 615005 and talk to a real human being. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you need answered.