Domestic clients

So what’s so great about Disney Flooring, then?

Well put simply, once you decide to use us, you’ll probably never need to go anywhere else. Because we offer such a wide range of products from carpets and wood to vinyl and rugs, you’re certain to find something you like in our offering. Then there’s service. We’ve all bought from large, sprawling companies and felt that no-one really cares if we buy from them or not. That’s not the way we do things. We’re small, we care and we’re proud of it.

I’m not great at imagining things. How can I get samples of your products?

Just call or email us. We’ll happily send you as many samples as you need to make your decision.

I’m working to a budget. What’s in my price range?

Just because you don’t have the resources of the filthy rich, doesn’t mean you have to do without. “Cheap-as-chips” carpet, “moving-out-and-need-to-cover-the-floor” laminate and bargain-basement rugs are all available and just the thing when you’re strapped for cash. You may not find much that meets your budget on this site,¬†but we’ll be happy to help. All you need to do is make contact with us.

I am filthy rich and I want whatever I want. Can you still help me?

We’re assuming that your PA is reading this for you. Either way, it’s no problem. We can do all sorts of bespoke work, from carpets to rugs and customised wood and tile designs. There is information on our bespoke service here, but we’ll need to know more about you in order to get off the drawing board. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

I’m an eco-warrior. Are you really green?

Well, yes. Ish. We can certainly give you an idea of the greenest products out there, whatever kind of flooring you need. If we can’t provide a particular product, finish or cleaning kit that meets your needs, we can probably point you in the direction of another friendly firm that can. What we won’t do is try to convince you that an eco-friendly product will do a job when it’s not as good (and won’t last as long) as a less green alternative. We think that’s a fair compromise, so contact us for more information and guidance.

Can you advise me on looking after my floor after I’ve bought it?

We don’t lose interest in you just because we’ve cashed your cheque. We can offer advice on care and cleaning – and we stock most of the products we recommend, too. If you need professional carpet cleaning, or sanding and re-sealing of your wooden floor, we can also recommend people who know their onions.

All of the above is wonderful, where do I begin?

You’re welcome to browse the site and get a feel for our products. But there’s so much more than the selection we’re able to publish online. The best thing is to call or email and we’ll do our best to help.