Crucial Trading

Crucial Trading Audrey Sunrise WFS1Crucial Trading is an indicator that things are going well. Those who buy their beautiful carpets know quality when they see it, and are prepared to pay a little more for it. Even those who sell their carpets know that they’re privileged to have an account – it really is a marker that you know your stuff in this trade. But most of all, Crucial Trading affects those who don’t have it in their homes – they’re the ones who emit the wows and the gasps at your front door when they see your stunning hall carpet for the first time. Or your contemporary study. Or your truly unique rugs. And so on.

Disney Flooring and Crucial Trading have been friends since primary school; indeed, we both started out in business at the same time and have both taken great delight in bringing natural flooring to thousands of homes across the UK and beyond. Their range needs little introduction – we start with a base of plant fibres such as seagrass, coir and jute. When we reach the sisal ranges there is an explosion of texture and colour – by the time we view the wools, it’s an expression of art. Whichever range you choose to suit your style, your budget and your colour scheme, you know it’s going to be the best if it comes from Crucial Trading.

For 2014 we’ve decided for the first time to produce our own photography – so many websites want to cut corners by scanning brochures for their product photos, and it just doesn’t do these exquisite carpets justice. Click on a photo and you can examine it in its full 5.7 megapixel glory. No titchy thumbnails here.

But better than thumbnails, and better than any photograph can ever be, is holding a piece of your heart’s desire in your hand. Jot down the samples you wish to see, and simply contact us with the codes. We’ll handle the rest.