Commercial projects

Are your products suitable for commercial use?

By and large, yes. Obviously some products will be more suitable than others; that depends on the area and how you intend to use it. While many of the products featured on this site are great in a commercial setting, it’s always best to discuss your requirements directly with us as we’ve usually got something up our sleeve.

Is your pricing competitive?

We like to think so. But it’s important to realise that our interest is in doing the job well; it’s not being the cheapest.

Can you just supply the goods? I have contractors who can install them.

No problem at all; we already do this for several clients. If your sites are overseas we can even arrange shipping for you if you don’t already have a logistics solution in place.

I don’t always get a lot of notice when I need flooring, so what’s your product availability?

Many products can be on site within 48-72 hours, possibly sooner if your product is in stock. Some made-to-order products will take approximately 14 days, and truly bespoke solutions may take up to 6-10 weeks.

Give me examples of your commercial clients so I can get a feel for the work you’re capable of.

  1. A new and expanding housing association responsible for over 6,000 properties spread across a county in the West Country. We are responsible for running repairs as well as scheduled refurbishments, and work closely with all parties to provide tenants with the best floor for them at an acceptable cost to the client.
  2. An established chain of estate agents with a number of sales and lettings shops covering the Greater London area and M4 corridor. Flooring solutions are varied and tailored to each store, but include contract carpets, Karndean vinyl tiles, and natural sisal flooring.
  3. A holiday rental organisation specialising in buildings of historical interest. We provide bespoke rugs and natural floor coverings for use in their properties, predominantly in south-west England.
  4. A high-end clothing retailer with stores in the UK and across western Europe. We are responsible for supplying one product used in many of the client’s stores and work with the client’s logistics team to ensure deliveries are correct and on schedule.
  5. …and last but not least, a flooring shop in the South East. We kid you not!

Fair enough, then. How do we start working together?

Contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements.