If you think that carpet begins and ends with beige twist, you couldn’t be more wrong. There is so much beautiful variety and imagination out there we just can’t wait to start showing you around.

We understand that people choose carpet for many different reasons ­ design, practicality, not to mention budget ­ and the sheer range of our offering is sure to deliver the goods every time.

The ranges of dozens of quality manufacturers are yours to specify, from the high­quality woven classics from Wilton and Axminster, to hand­made and luxurious undyed wools from the Orient. And of course, we’ve thousands of plains, loops, berbers… whatever your client demands, you need look no further than us.

If you’re after something which is totally unique however, we can handle that too. From the first stages of design right through to production, that truly bespoke carpet is just a few weeks away. For more information, take a look at our bespoke services.