Cleaning your new floor

If the most important thing about flooring is choosing the right colour or design, surely the next most important is knowing how to look after it. And as much as we might not like to think about it, accidents are inevitable. Fortunately, with us you have care solutions which help to protect your carpet from the day it’s installed as well as when the worst happens.


Intec stain protectorIt’s a sad fact of life that the earlier you try to remove a stain, the more chance you have of success. Intec is a water-based treatment which can be applied to a carpet before it’s even fitted, so it forms an invisible layer always ready to guard against stains as they occur. It’s especially useful for natural floor coverings, as cleaning them after the stain has dried can be tricky (but not impossible – see below).

Intec can be applied multiple times for extra protection, and in most cases can be applied by us at the factory rather than in your home, meaning you won’t have to wait for your new carpets to dry before walking on them. As a rule, the more you spend on your floor, the more you should consider it – after all, Intec is much cheaper than replacing a floor which can’t be cleaned.

For technical information regarding Intec, have a look at the manufacturer’s website or drop us a line.

Dry cleaning kits

HOSTTo this day, we’re the only people we know who sell this fantastic product. We’re constantly amazed by the number of people who tell us how good it is and the enormous variety of marks and stains it removes from floors they had almost written off as unsalvageable.

Our HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner kit consists of microscopic sponges which look to human eyes like a fine powder. One 1kg bag will treat about 18m² of floor (200 sq ft), so it’s an economical choice for an annual deep-cleaning routine. Just scatter the sponges over the floor, agitate with a soft brush, leave to dry and then vacuum. Beware – this product is so good that using it in one room may look the rest of your floors look dirty!

Spot-cleaning kits

Crucial Trading Stain Removal and Cleaning KitWhile HOST is great for larger areas, sometimes you just want to target an annoying, persistent stain. Our fantastic Stain Removal and Cleaning kits are just the thing to use here, as they won’t bleach like commercial cleaners nor be wasted on areas which are not dirty. And since they’re made by Crucial Trading, you can rest assured that they’re safe to use on all your natural floor coverings, too – as well as any wool carpet you can think of.

Professional cleaning

With large areas or very tricky stains it can be best to seek professional advice. Although many carpets can be cleaned using water-extraction methods, delicate natural fibres need special attention. If this is something you need for your floor, start by sending us a photo of the area concerned and we’ll either recommend the right cleaning kit for you… or put you in touch with a trusted specialist who can give you an estimate of cost and success.