An update for Crucial Trading

Seagrass flooring with seagrass basketsDearly beloved,

we are gathered here today to welcome an old friend back to our humble website. For far too long, those choosing a new floor on the internet were let down by awful web designs, awkward navigation and truly disappointing photography. We felt your pain. And we decided to make the world just a little bit better.

Crucial Trading

These fab guys have been our friends for so long it’s embarrassing how old we’ve all become (except me of course, I’m still young and fruitful, honest). With friendship comes respect and responsibility – not just for the people who sell the products, but for the products themselves. We need not tell you that Crucial Trading only offers the best quality, the best colours and styles, or that if you buy Crucial Trading carpet, your teeth automatically become a couple of shades whiter and your skin just a tint more tanned. You know all of this is true already!

But we do know there are some terrible photos of Crucial Trading products on websites out there (websties, I like to call them). Some of them – now take a deep breath and sit down before reading this – some of them even have pictures scanned from the Crucial Trading brochure. We understand that buying new flooring is a big decision, so why would you base your choice on such a bad quality photo? Simply put, we don’t know. But the time is ripe for a change.

2014 has been a big year for Crucial Trading. As ever some ranges have gone, and many new ones – including Fabulous which we covered in an earlier blog post – have joined the family. We wanted to celebrate these beautiful new collections and show them in the best way possible. There’s only one way to say this, so we’re going to say it loud:

We now produce our own Crucial Trading artwork. It’s available here today.

You heard it here first. No scans, no stealing images from other websites (yes that happens too), nothing. Just simple, clear photography featuring beautiful products [literally] in their best light. Our new multi-megapixel images are perfect for browsing through the collection on your tablet or phone… or for emailing your significant other as a link (if only in a “this is the one I’ve ordered from Disney Flooring and if you don’t like it, tough” kind of way).

Browse away here, and have lots of fun. Just drop us a line if you need samples or advice and we’ll be happy to help.

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