2014 Ceramic Collection

…and now for something completely different. We’ve never really dabbled in ceramic tiles before, because there were never any products out there that caught our imagination. Black and white chequerboard? Whoa, that’s so original. Slate effect? So 20th-but-kinda-19th Century too.

We can afford to sound jaded as we’ve seen it all over the years, and we always said we wouldn’t mess around with ceramic tiles unless there was something that ticked all the boxes – style, quality and price. We found nothing for years.

That has most certainly changed with the arrival of these little beauties. There’s a little something for everyone in our new 2014 ceramic collection, whether your desired look is classic or bang on trend for the season.

Plains and patterns

Flow ceramic tile room setting

Looks cool, doesn’t it?

We saw these tiles about a month ago and thought they looked great… but we’ve made some flooring faux pas in our time, so we asked one of our most trusted interior designer friends to give us her opinion. The answer? “Get me a catalogue, some samples if you can. The price is great and I’m going to show them to a client next week”. Praise indeed!

The great thing about the range is that you can do whatever you want – create a formal pattern, stick to plain tiles or go absolutely nuts and create your own design in the style of the photo above. We love the way that the tiles keep their classic style even when they’re laid randomly. It’s a wonderful mixture of old and new, especially in a period house. Here are four designs with inset key tiles, which is a nice addition:


These ones may look great in a photo but they just have to be seen in real life to be believed. Normally we’d say if you like wood, the only thing you’re going to be happy with is… wood. However sometimes it’s just not practical, and some people don’t like the thought of using a PVC wood-effect tile. Now there’s an alternative:

You’ll have to kneel down and touch these stunning tiles to realise they’re not real wood – and even then, they have a surface texture which looks just like our hand-scraped woods. Plus as our ceramic is so easy to keep clean (with no special maintenance required), and will take loads of foot traffic, it’ll surely outperform real wood in a domestic or commercial setting.

But that’s not all!

We’ll leave you with a teaser of the next part of our 2014 Ceramic Collection – porcelain. Actually we can’t show you anything at the moment, because the tiles are so highly polished they are a delightful nightmare to photograph! But we can assure you that they are the spitting image of marble, just without the marble price tag. Keep an eye out for another blog post on that subject soon! If in the meantime you can’t wait to get your hands on a brochure, all you need to do is drop us a line.