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  • A closed black padlock

    Feel safe and secure online with us

    Your safety and security is something which you would think shouldn’t be an issue in these technologically advanced days. But more and more, scammers, snoopers and spies are only too eager to look over your shoulder and see what you’re doing online. We take the security of our clients’ data – both online and offline – […]

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  • 07_27019JBaldwin_001337.jpg

    An update for Crucial Trading

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to welcome an old friend back to our humble website. For far too long, those choosing a new floor on the internet were let down by awful web designs, awkward navigation and truly disappointing photography. We felt your pain. And we decided to make the world just a […]

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  • Ultima Twist Quartz

    New Ultima Twist colours for 2015

    Let’s face it, there’s not much that you can do with a twist pile carpet when it comes to revamping a range. It is, after all, meant to be relatively plain and level in texture. What may not be immediately clear is that colours go in and out of fashion – who remembers tangerine carpet […]

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  • Diamond Narrow WFN501

    Introducing Fabulous

    We love finding out what’s new and hip in flooring – it comes as no surprise that when we saw this range for the first time we were all over it like a rash. Now you have to feel for the guys in Marketing who have to breathe life into dull carpets by giving them exciting names. […]

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  • Flow 1

    2014 Ceramic Collection

    …and now for something completely different. We’ve never really dabbled in ceramic tiles before, because there were never any products out there that caught our imagination. Black and white chequerboard? Whoa, that’s so original. Slate effect? So 20th-but-kinda-19th Century too. We can afford to sound jaded as we’ve seen it all over the years, and […]

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  • Sisal Harry D705 Zinc

    New: Sisal Harry 2014

    It’s always good to see a range receive new colours – like meeting an old friend who’s lost weight and has splashed out on a fab new wardrobe of clothes. Harry has been on the scene for as long as any of us here can remember, and it’s always been a firm favourite of ours. […]

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  • Rock n Roll Bluesky 1977

    Rock on with these new stripes

    Our Rock n Roll range has always been a pretty little number – but it looks even better now that we’ve added two brand-spanking new colours: We’ll be showing off the whole range a little later once we’ve finished the artwork… but in the meantime, samples, information and advice are available directly from us.

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  • Moduleo luxury vinyl flooring

    Introduction to Moduleo

    Have you ever fancied a wooden or stone floor but been put off the idea? Perhaps it’s been the cost of the wood itself, the hassle of subfloor preparation, or (as we often hear) the thought of marking your lovely new wooden floor with high heels. What alternatives are there that are a little bit […]

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