A little flooring inspiration

Most people look where they’re putting their feet. Therefore it follows that after smiling and saying hello, your guests immediately look down. If they’re seeing something supplied by Disney Flooring, you’ve nothing to feel ashamed about. We’ve a comprehensive range of floors which meets all combinations of styles and budgets – although we’d never get our entire range on this site in a month of Sundays, here’s just a little flooring inspiration to whet your appetite:

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Floors by brand

Looking for something particular, eh? We like people who know what they want. If you know the manufacturer of the flooring you crave just contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling. If you’re looking for more ideas and photos of carpets in situ, here’s a smattering of the best manufacturer websites in the business – each of them great companies, with quality products… and all available from Disney Flooring:

Flooring advice

Not all floors suit all areas. What seems like bland, obvious advice is ignored all too often, and the client is the only person to lose out. Sometimes you want the look but can’t stretch your budget. Maybe the subfloor conditions in your home make installing your dream flooring far more costly than is practical. Or perhaps your favourite product is unsuitable for the area (yes, wood flooring in bathrooms, we’re looking at you).

At Disney Flooring we aim to give the client (that’s you, by the way) the best advice we can on choosing your new floor… so you’ll be asked about how you use your home or workplace, whether you have pets and so on. Every answer you give us helps to make an informed choice. And if nearly three decades of experience have taught us one thing, it’s that informed customers are happy customers.


Like something you see? However good our photos are, they’ll never match the feel of the product in your hand. All you need to do is contact us with your name, email and postal address and we’ll aim to send your samples within 48 hours. If you’re within reach of one of our friendly Bristol and Weston-super-Mare showrooms, why not pop in and meet your new floor in person?